Lenten Days 22-28 Instagram Round Up


I’m smack dab in the middle of Instagramming through Lent (in lieu of the regular blogs you’re used to at Life with Jocelyn). Here is week four’s summary. 🙂 Follow jocelyn.larsen on Instagram or follow along on Instagram or Twitter at #lenttogether #lent #47daysoflent.

Day 22. My tulips are coming. A friend and mentor bought these bulbs for me a few years ago. I dug some up and moved them to or new house with us last summer. Even after at least two times more snow than usual, extremely frigid temperatures for our area, and several extra weeks of winter, here they come. When they first peeked out, they had to come through a couple of inches of leftover snow. I think that’s amazing.

Day 23. Oh, wells.

Day 24. Blue skies on my run tonight. #nofilter

Day 25. People who #lenttogether Frosty together.

Day 26. One year ago today we walked through this house for the first time – the house with the really ugly 1980s kitchen. Now, we live there. (And the kitchen is still ugly 1980s. 😉 )

Day 27. I guess he changed his mind about me. (See March 12’s #47daysoflent post.)

Day 28. You have to look carefully, but there are bright green new leaves growing alongside dead leaf clusters that never bothered to loosen their grip and fall off. To me, it sounds like a prayer, “God, let new life and good deeds grow in and out of me even while I still have some dead gunk hanging on in my life.”


2 responses to “Lenten Days 22-28 Instagram Round Up”

  1. Ericka Avatar

    28. I’ve prayed that very prayer.
    Beautiful photos!

    1. Love it, EC. ❤