Lenten Days 15-21 Instagram Round Up

#lenttogether #lent #47daysoflent

Day 15. Meet my best new running buddy. (No, friends, he doesn’t live with me. The world has not yet turned THAT upside down.) But his name is KJ and he is wonderful and he belongs to @bec.harris.14 and @charris1022 The best thing is he gets my a$$ out of the house on the days when I don’t feel like running; I just make a date with him and I feel so bad cancelling that I never do.

Day 16. This afternoon I enjoyed a delightful walk in the park with a dear friend and our kids. She is so warm, so accepting, so open. We had a wonderful conversation today about what it means to be human, to be spiritual, to be loved. Mostly we just were together, which is such a gift to me. Love you, L. [The photo is a throwback of her sweet family and our excursion to cut down a Christmas tree last December.]

Day 17. Something I wasn’t at all happy to find on the street right outside my home while walking my kids home from school. But I found myself far more sad for the person who ditched it than for me, the finder. And I found myself reflecting: This isn’t just my street. This is everyone’s street. No one can own a street.
Most of the days of the year I am quite conveniently insulated from drugs, dealers, addicts. I am so lucky. The needles and the glove in my street were a sobering reminder – in case I forgot for a moment – that all is not well, Death still lingers; hell is being lived out today, here, on earth by all of us – some, sadly, more than others.

Day 18. It has finally been warm enough this past week to be out on our front porch morning, noon, and night. To read and drink coffee quietly there, to chat with my sissy, to get a blanket and turn on the heater and snuggle with a boy, to read interruptedly while boys ride bikes up and down the driveway, to fill it with friends and party there on the weekend, to remember great conversations past. I love my outdoor living room.

Day 19.  Rest day: Trying out the snack hoodie. #capitolone #snackhoodie

Day 20. “God is biased in the way he looks at our lives. It is only we who brood over our sins. God does not brood over them, he dumps them at the bottom of the sea.” Maria Boulding

Day 21. Why do I always seem to gravitate toward polka dots and clear jewelry on rainy days? #phenomena #rainyday