Love Triangles of Friendship

This past weekend a very scrumptious and wonderful thing happened to me: two of my best girlfriends (Amanda & Stephanie) came to be with me. Amanda is getting married in just 1.5 months and so we were celebrating.

I needed to be with them. They took turns holding my baby; we ate good food; I went on a run with Stephanie; Amanda brought me presents; they helped me finish an art project in my baby’s room. One night we stayed up late, dreaming and planning and creating, then woke up early the next morning only to pick up right where we’d left off.

We have a unique friendship. I’ve known each of them for 4+ years. But only over the past 1+ years did they complete the triangle and become close with each other. I can say with confidence that we all (by God’s grace!) genuinely want what is best for the other two. We trust each other and always believe the best about each other. It’s because of this that we can talk behind each others’ backs without gossiping and confront each other out of love when appropriate. I love love triangles. Of friendship. I believe that they have the potential to be some of the healthiest kind of friendships. “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

I’m even so blessed as to have one other love triangle of friendship in my life.

Have you ever experienced friendship like this? Did it work better or worse than a one-on-one friendship?


3 responses to “Love Triangles of Friendship”

  1. trinajones Avatar

    As someone who loves all three of you, I can really appreciate this post. What an awesome idea and a great way to look at friendship Joce!

  2. Jocelyn Avatar

    Thanks, Trina. I feel like I hadn't thought about it or tried for it; it just happened. 🙂

  3. Leslie Dieterle Avatar
    Leslie Dieterle

    This is interesting because I've often noticed how our culture seems to have tons of one-to-one friendships. I'm more likely to hang out with one friend at a time than a group of friends. It hasn't always been this way, but this is the dominant experience. I've wondered if there was a way to get back to having more "community" in my friendships (where more of my friends are friends with each other) instead of "isolation".