Hi, I’m Jocelyn. I’m very pleased to meet you.

This is a picture of me surrounded by four of my best men: my husband Jason and our three boys, Howard, Stone, and Wells.

I do all of the writing at Life with Jocelyn blog. It is my primary way to keep in touch with the people who like to read what I write.¬†I like blogging because it forces me to give, to share, to tell the stories life brings — as I live them.

But my favorite writing that I do happens elsewhere; I have some other, bigger projects that I’ve done and am doing. I also do some¬†teaching; I love always to have a class, seminar, retreat, or personal coaching on my schedule — it keeps me inspired and grounded.

Consider subscribing to Life with Jocelyn as a way to stay connected and so that you’ll always be in-the-know about new posts, new books, and other products to help you (& yours) grow in your life with God.

I write about lots of things, but atop my list are:

  • spiritual formation (a person’s journey with and toward God)
  • self-awareness as a means to knowing God better
  • passing along a love of Jesus to the next generation, by God’s grace

I hope you’ll stick around and get to know me better at Life with Jocelyn.