One of those days.

I had one of those days this week.

You know: those days.

Maybe you did too.

You know, just work and life and relationships and entropy and dirt and full and loud and chaos. And no end in sight. You know, those days when everything feels hard and nothing feels easy.

I’m sure I bring as many or more of those days on others as I feel like others bring on me.

And, all I want to say is: ‘Be encouraged, love.’

You’ll be ok. Actually, you’ll be better than ok – just not in the easy-peasy, wrinkle-free, care-free, personal-freedom way that America says you deserve to be. But, whatever you’re doing – you’re doing the best good thing that God has called you to, at least for now.

And, while we’re on the subject, those days are, in my opinion, actually more like the Way of Jesus days than the days that go swimmingly. You see, the Way of Jesus is this upside down, inside out way: life for others by death to self. So of course those days are hard for us. Death is hard.

I’m not saying, ‘You can do it!’ Because you can’t. I’m not saying, ‘It’ll get better.’ Because it might never.

You’ll get no trite, shallow, pithy comfort from this girl.

I’m just saying, ‘God’s with you. His strength and comfort and patience and everything you need is just enough for today. No more, no less. He is even enough for those days.’

And I’m saying, ‘You’re not alone. Even when God feels distant, you are in very good company – the company of billions of Jesus-followers over thousands of years, a scant few whose names you know, most of whose names you don’t. God gets credit for being so good to give us this atmospheric cloud of people literally and figuratively with us, especially when He seems to be MIA.’

So…. Clink! Here’s an ice cold caipirinha (Look it up!) along with a hot, sweaty, sticky cyber-hug to get you through the sweltering weekend. Where I am, we’re in triple digits as far as my weather report can see…

Love you. Praying for you. Thanks for reading.



3 responses to “One of those days.”

  1. I love the way you put reality into words and give it a hope-filled, “we can do this” perspective. Thanks, J.

    1. Thank you, K.

  2. Stephanie Avatar

    Thanks for the sweaty cyber hug. I needed it! 🙂