a {new} devotional study through the gospel of Mark

IMG_2642At church we’re starting a study of the life and ministry of Jesus through the eyes and pen of the Gospel-writer Mark. I’ve decided to write a little bit alongside our teaching pastor – one devotional study per week.

I’m calling it a devotional study because I hope that you’ll find each one to be both intellectually stimulating (like a study) and heart-engaging (like a devotional).

Want to get one in your email inbox each Sunday afternoon? They’re perfectly free. Simply subscribe to my blog and opt-in to receive the devotional in weekly installments. If you’re already a subscriber, you’ll need only to update your email preferences and opt-in there. (Use the link at the bottom of any email you’ve received from Life with Jocelyn.)

If you have friends who you think would like to join us, please direct them to the subscription link.

God has already been at work rearranging my heart and mind as I’ve just begun to write. I’m excited (and appropriately reverent!) to continue to prepare the way for Him as we study together.

Love, Jocelyn


2 responses to “a {new} devotional study through the gospel of Mark”

  1. I’m excited to journey with you!

    1. Thanks, Kath! I’m excited to see where the road leads… 🙂