Making Time to Blog

Hi friends!

Well, Happy Thanksgiving Recovery Week.

Right now I’m just sitting at my computer, staring intermittently between the WordPress screen and off into space. Both little boys are napping (at the same time – I know: miracle!). I’m trying to ignore the fact that my house is right now a complete disaster. I’m trying to ignore the half-unpacked suitcases from the Thanksgiving holiday on the floor in the laundry room. I’m trying to ignore the myriad boxes of Christmas decorations strewn throughout the living room and kitchen, ready to be put in their rightful places. I’m trying to ignore the Christmas gift lists that beckon.

I’m trying to push everything aside: I want to write. I need to share. I’m trying to blog.

I’m trying to find just a bit of blank space in my head – somewhere between the Christmas wish lists, Christmas baking lists, Christmas grocery lists, Christmas to-do lists – out of which to conjure up some creative juice from which to post something. Anything. Something that just might be helpful to someone else, or at least interesting. All of the ideas that seem to flow so easily during the day have now vanished in the tumult.

I guess the bottomline is that I want to blog more often than I do.

I know it’s somewhat a matter of priority. I know it’s easier in some seasons of life than in others. I know we’re all different and that some things will work for some of us that would be a complete failure for others. But maybe, in the spirit of sharing, you all have tricks to consistent blogging that I don’t know. I guess I just want to hear from you.

Is anyone with me? Does anyone else have the best intentions but struggle to make it happen? What do you do to make blogging a part – a natural extension – of your life?


5 responses to “Making Time to Blog”

  1. I feel ya. Sometimes blogging feels like it naturally flows out of me and sometimes it feels forced and uncomfortable.

    I’ve noticed that the times it feels forced tend to be when I’m trying to write about something I’m not truly passionate about at the time. When I write about what’s on my mind, even if it sounds trivial in my head, blogging excites me more.

    I also try to freewrite when I have a break at work or some free time. Sometimes inspiration sneaks up on me during those times.

  2. I think pictures of your week with stories that go with them is a fun way to blog. I would love to see a picture of heaping laundry baskets, ribbon strewn across the room, the chaos of the past week. I have seen a lot of blogs that have one day that they devote to a collection a photos, like a couple of my favorite blogs say, “friday phone dump” (random photos from her phone, or “nuggets” just sweet photos from the week. One of my favorite blogs, has some good ideas!

    You could always keep a running list in your purse of things you want to blog about to help you when you reach a block.

  3. Thanks Kelsi & Kelsie! Your thoughts are helpful and encouraging. Both of you are an inspiration to me as bloggers, too! Keep up the good work. I’m a fan!

  4. Great ideas from the Kelsies. I take photos constantly of everything, iPhone, instagram, DSLR, whatever I can find, I even photograph books I’m reading or whatever. Then when I find a block of time, I sit down and go through photo stream and get inspired by all the photos. I try to blog several posts at once and schedule them out. Especially if Darren is traveling and I don’t have to cook or clean the house. Then I try to do a last minute edit before posts go up. I email myself ideas all the time, too. Then I try to give myself grace to blog every day some months and just a few times a week others. Keep up the good work! Luv, Sam.

    1. I’d hoped you’d comment, Sam. Great ideas. And I reap the benefits by enjoying your blog. xo