lemontree3…Coming Soon!

This Wednesday, June 30, I’m launching a new blog with two of my besties. It’s called lemontree3 and we hatched the idea late one night in March. Now we’re making it come to life. In fact, you already know these two friends of mine because I wrote about them here. I’m so excited to be blogging with them. They’re both good writers and have interesting things to show and tell. I hope you’ll be even more enriched by reading lemontree3 than you’ve been so far by a-lemon-tree. You can subscribe to our new blog here.

As it did with the name, lemontree3 will probably also take over a lot of the content of this blog, though I haven’t yet decided what to do with www.a-lemon-tree.com. Dissolve it completely? Take it in a different direction? Any ideas?

Thanks for reading, friends. I am so honored that you’d share life with me.



2 responses to “lemontree3…Coming Soon!”

  1. jodymccomas Avatar

    I definitely think you should keep this one. I like reading it!

  2. dutchcut Avatar

    I already tried to go to the new one, but, alas, it is not there yet. You inspired me to post on the blog I have have with my sisters, so here is the link (I mentioned you in it!) http://sisterlings.blogspot.com/2010/06/birthday-cake-how-to.html. Let me know when your new site is up so I can link it to my sisters & mine.