DIY Map Coasters

I made coasters. I needed some for my pretty-much-finished basement family room and for inspiration, I borrowed a theme I’d created on the wall of the same room. I call it my “two favorite cities” theme. {More on this later.} So I used maps of each of the two cities from an old atlas and followed the instructions at  I only have one mod-podge trick up my sleeve, and it’s probably not anything you haven’t thought of before: it is always so messy no matter how careful I am so I always keep a half wet/half dry paper towel on my workspace for a quick-fix for my gluey, sticky fingers.

They’re just your average mod-podge travel-looking coasters, but they tie into the room well and I think will hold up much better than the last non-mod-podge (glue-stick-only) coasters I made. Just ask my regular houseguests Erin, Rachelle, Robbie, and Zach.


One response to “DIY Map Coasters”

  1. Atalie Thronson Avatar
    Atalie Thronson

    I aboslutely love this idea! i think i am going to do that for our house with Maps of all the cities in places my roommates have been!
    thanks for the awesome idea!