What is Jesus Praying for You?

I spent two days last week with some students and full time Christian missionaries at Eastern Washington University teaching, coaching, and spiritually encouraging. I drove home with that wonderful happy-exhausted-full feeling. And then when I got home, I went to bed embarrassingly early two nights in a row. 🙂

The talk I gave to students covers one of my all-time favorite subjects: knowing self and knowing God and the inextricable relationship between the two. I thought you might want to hear it, so I’m sharing it below. Click here to get the {free} download of the Reflection & Practice Guide that goes with the talk. 


2 responses to “What is Jesus Praying for You?”

  1. Joan Broeckel Avatar
    Joan Broeckel

    Thanks for sharing this encouraging and challenging message ! I am so relating to the part of wanting to focus on God and not look at myself but I am slowly learning the freedom of facing my weaknesses and as I abide in Christ and gain courage in Him to find such freedom in humbly confessing / agreeing with God
    Of my sin and need …learning to want a close relationship with him more than I want to look “good ” in my own eyes….
    Bless your heart as you share your journey and true relationship with the Lord !

    1. Thank you, Joan, for sharing! Love and blessings on you as you continue to seek his face. 🙂