Mother-Son Book Race 2017

One of my sons and I are having a 2017 book race: We’re competing to see who can read the most chapter books this year. We’re making a stack on the fireplace mantle in our living room of the books we read (using some stand-ins for the library books) and then at Christmastime we plan to decorate it like this:

Not that our stack will be THAT large. But, still. Fun, right?

I just thought I’d share the idea with you in case you want to join us; it’s not too late for you to start such a thing with your fam.

PS. My son is already kicking my butt. He’s not normally very competitive, but I think beating his mom at something has a certain appeal.

PPS. I’m going to try to get him to write a mini book review for each of the books he reads and post them to my blog for those of you parents who are looking for recommends for elementary kids books. We’ll see how that goes.



3 responses to “Mother-Son Book Race 2017”

  1. Jessica Cavanaugh Avatar
    Jessica Cavanaugh

    Excellent idea!

    1. Thanks, Jessica!

  2. Chelsea P Avatar
    Chelsea P

    So cute! Always good to cultivate a little competitive spirit 🙂