“What do you do?”


I recently quit my day-job.

When you quit your job, you need to prepare a 30-second story of “what you’re doing now” because that’s what everyone asks you, followed by 3-4 clarifying questions, depending equal amounts on how interesting your 30-second story is and on their attention span.

Unfortunately, I forgot to prepare my 30-second story and so I’ve been giving a lot of dumb “uh…well…I uh…” 30-second testimonies. I’ve had to wrestle a lot lately with the lingering sense that maybe, like my 30-second story, my whole life is actually dumb. I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.

Anyway, it’s got me asking myself, “What am I doing?” and “How do I explain in 30-seconds all that I long to do and be when I grow up (i.e. now)?”

Here are a few different brainstorms I’ve had (depending on who is asking) to describe what it is that I do:

  • I help people do what I’ve come to call interior work; it has helped me so much and I’m convinced it can help other people, too.
  • I help people get to know themselves better in order to get to know God better.
  • I help people study the Bible in one of the ways it was always meant to be understood, yet a way I think we’ve lost touch with over the last 300 years. {self-reflectively}
  • I write to help people get through the hard times in life.
  • I invite people to go deeper than they’ve ever gone before so they can get through the hard times in life without clichés and judgment.
  • I write about how the Gospel is freshly Good News for every single day.
  • I write sort-of uncommon devotionals.

(Then, if a person asks, “How do you do that?” I might say, “by writing, teaching, and speaking.”)

I hope you know: I’m not trying to glamorize my honestly very normal and sometimes quite dull life. I’m more just trying to capture for myself and for others what it is that God has called me to be and do. I’ve found that capturing this story actually helps me live more into it, especially in those boring or dull moments/seasons. Capturing this story has helped me to decide that my life is definitely not dumb! My life is not a swinging from one adventure “high” to the next (nor do I wish it to be), but it is a life of adventurous, “I-hope-this-works,” clinging to grace and faith, growth and love.

So, honestly. How’d I do?! As a reader of mine, I would sincerely love to hear what you think it is that I do, and if you think I’m even in the right ballpark. 🙂 Don’t flatter me, and if you can privately text me and feel so inclined, please do it. (I’d hate for the comments to fill up with accolades of my awesomeness. 😉 haha.)

Also, and more importantly, have you ever done this “What do I do?” story-writing as a practice for yourself? I would love to hear how you’d answer.


One response to ““What do you do?””

  1. I missed this announcement in our recent visit! But I’d say you do all those things well! You’re a phenomenal teacher and know how to truly rest in the midst of life with little kids…and in our production happy culture in general. All of which are some of the many things I truly love and admire about you. I’m slowly learning how to rest especially. Even when life is busy, I’m finding myself still at peace within. That is true rest. What do I do? Hmmm…I am a hope dealer. I offer freedom through my words and my business and hopefully through my life in general. I’m learning that FREEDOM is becoming a banner in my life. Love and miss you, friend!