Our New Piano!




I’m busy rearranging our basement today… much due to the arrival of our new friend:

Isn’t she a beaut!? She fits perfectly in our basement decor, too (a fact that it much more important to me than to the rest of our family). An old high school friend of mine gave her to us for free! And my dad hauled it 180 miles to our home for free! And our 3 strongest, manliest friends came over to help carry her in to her new place for free! I’m so blessed.

With such a talented, musical husband, a piano in our home was a [first world] need. I’ve wanted one for as long as I’ve been married to J. When instruments are left out in our home, they get played a lot – and not too shabbily, I might add. J taught himself to play piano after sitting next to his mom and watching her. I pray that the same thing will happen to at least a couple of my kids and that they’ll come to love music as much as their dad & I do. Already we’ve enjoyed sitting around it listening, singing, tinkering.

Just for kicks, here’s her current view of the rest of the basement:

As you can see, I still have lots of work to do. Also, please note Howard’s “fort” on the righthand side – made up of the perfect combination of blankets and our old-school TV trays – and the dead-looking Mr. Potato Head under it. I think I’m going to get going so I can resuscitate him…along with the rest of our disarrayed living room.

Happy Monday! What are you up to this week?



3 responses to “Our New Piano!”

  1. Hooray for the new piano! May your house be filled with music. Currently, Locke plays our piano more than anyone else in the family!

  2. I love it! Fits perfectly! Carter will definitely want to play it next babysitting night at the Larsens! 🙂 Love you!

  3. Christine (Momma) Avatar
    Christine (Momma)

    NICE Piano! It is PERFECT for your living room! May you have many nights of beautiful music! I sure do love you, my dear daughter in law! You are such a blessing to our whole family! Glad you married “us”. 🙂